What is the Alternative Olympics medal table?

We wanted to take account of factors beyond the traditional medal count. Our data team examined previous Olympics and economic indicators such as the output of a country’s economy (GDP), the size of its population — and also different kinds of search interest on Google (for countries providing data). We then weighted the medal scores by each factor, to create a medal ‘count’ reflecting each variable. You can read more about how we did it on Medium.

See the official medal count on Search


Every country. Same population. Who’s polishing gold now?

Big country. Small country. Everyone earns. But what happens when we make the playing field equal?

Who loves the Olympics? You do. See what happens when we award medals for Olympics love in Google search.

Check out who pays their dues in sweat through Google search for sporting activity, year round.

Can we get a “kale yes”? Health-conscious and good eating searches FTW!