Due to COVID-19, we’re making changes to protect the health of our workforce, resulting in changes to our enrollment process. While you can still enroll with two physical security keys, we are temporarily suspending enrollment with your phone’s built-in security key. If you are interested in enrolling with your phone’s built-in security key, join our waitlist.

Google's strongest security for those who need it most

The Advanced Protection Program safeguards the personal Google Accounts of anyone at risk of targeted attacks – like journalists, activists, business leaders, and political campaign teams.

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Google’s strongest defense against phishing

Even the most security-conscious users can be tricked by a sophisticated phishing attack. To protect you from this threat, Advanced Protection goes further than traditional 2-Step Verification. In addition to a password to sign in to your Google Account, it requires you to use either a physical security key, the security key built into your Android 7.0+ phone, or your iPhone running iOS 10.0+ with the free Google Smart Lock app installed.

What is phishing?
Phishing is a common technique that can be used to trick you into giving away your username, password, 2-Step Verification code, or other personal information. Phishing attacks can happen through a variety of channels, including email, telephone, text message, or in apps.

How does Advanced Protection defend against phishing?
In addition to a password to sign in to your Google Account, Advanced Protection requires you to use either a physical security key, your Android 7.0+ phone’s built-in security key, or your iPhone running iOS 10.0+ with the free Google Smart Lock app. Security keys are the most secure form of 2-Step Verification. Even if you do fall for a phishing attack that discloses your username and password, an unauthorized user won't be able to access your account without one of your security keys.

You can enroll in just one click if you have an Android 7.0+ phone, or by installing the free Google Smart Lock app on your iPhone running iOS 10.0+. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase two physical security keys — one to act as your main key, and one backup key. After you enroll, other authentication factors you might be used to, like codes sent via SMS or the Google Authenticator app, will no longer work.

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Safeguard your data by limiting access to it

When you sign up for new apps or services, you are sometimes asked to give access to data in your Google Account. Usually this doesn’t pose a risk, but sophisticated attackers could compromise or impersonate an app or service to gain access to your personal data. To help protect you, Advanced Protection allows only Google apps and select third-party apps to access your emails and Drive files.

As a trade-off for this tightened security, the functionality of some of your apps may be affected. Most third-party apps that require access to your Gmail or Drive data, such as travel tracking apps, will no longer have permission. And you will only be able to use Chrome and Firefox to access your signed-in Google services like Gmail or Photos.

Apple’s Mail, Calendar, and Contacts apps and Mozilla’s Thunderbird will continue to be able to access your Google data as normal.

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Block unknown apps

Advanced Protection helps keep harmful apps off your phone. All apps available on the Google Play Store have gone through rigorous security testing. That’s why Advanced Protection only allows installation of apps from Play Store, or other app stores that your phone manufacturer installed on your phone.

Block fraudulent account access with extra verification

A common way that hackers try to access your account is by impersonating you and pretending they have been locked out of your account. To give you the strongest protection against this type of fraudulent account access, Advanced Protection adds extra steps to verify your identity during the account recovery process.

If you ever lose access to your account and both of your security keys, these added verification requirements will take a few days to restore access to your account.

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Get started with Advanced Protection now

You can enroll in Advanced Protection with two physical security keys, or a phone running Android 7+ or iOS 10.0+. iPhone users need to activate their built-in security key before enrolling by downloading the Google Smart Lock app. Android users can enroll and activate their built-in security key in one easy step.

If you opt to use your phone, we highly recommend adding a physical one (like our Titan Security Key) in case you lose your phone.

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Common questions

Common questions

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Why do I need two physical security keys?

Unless you have an Android 7.0+ phone or an iPhone running iOS 10.0+ with the free Google Smart Lock app, two physical security keys are required to enroll so that you’ll have a backup key in case you lose your main key. A wireless-enabled key that can connect to both your computer and mobile devices should act as your main key.

Do I need to keep a security key with me at all times?

We recommend you always keep a security key close in case you log out of your account or need to sign in on a new device. In all likelihood, this will happen infrequently. Remember to take one with you when traveling.

What happens if I lose all of my security keys?

If you still have access to a computer that is signed into your account, you can visit account.google.com and register replacement keys in place of the lost keys. If you have lost your keys or your phone, and do not have access to a logged-in session, you will need to submit a request to recover your account. For your safety, it will take a few days for Google to verify it’s you and grant you access to your account.

I’m interested in Advanced Protection for my work account - Can I enroll a G Suite Account in Advanced Protection?

Yes. You can enroll your G Suite Account into Advanced Protection with admin approval. Click on the 'Get started' button to start the enrollment process, and if your admin has not allowed enrollment, you can send them these instructions.

How much does it cost to enroll in the Advanced Protection Program?

The Advanced Protection Program is a free service for Google accounts. However, if you don’t have an Android 7.0+ phone or an iPhone with the free Google Smart Lock app, you will need to purchase two security keys in order to enroll. The price of security keys will vary depending on which model you select. While we recommend Google’s own Titan Security Key, any keys that support the FIDO open standard are compatible. Click the "Get started" button to view our recommended keys.

Not ready for Advanced Protection? You can still take steps to make your account safer by turning on 2-Step Verification.

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