Whether you're just getting started or have a specific question, learn more about Academy for Ads, on-the-go advertising education from Google.


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  • How much does Academy for Ads cost?

    Nothing! The trainings you'll find on Academy for Ads are available at no cost.

  • Who is the audience for Academy for Ads?

    Academy for Ads offers quick education to anyone looking to learn more about Google's ad products. From small business owners to newbies; from students learning about marketing, all the way to advertising veterans who want to brush up on their Google advertising knowledge.

  • Where does Academy for Ads fit with Google's existing training offerings, and what makes it different?

    Academy for Ads offers on-the-go product education for any user of Google's ads products and platforms. It can be a great resource for those looking to develop their advertising knowledge after using a product help center, or a training resource like Primer.

    The product training you'll find on Academy for Ads covers AdWords, DoubleClick, and more, and can better prepare you to dive into more in-depth education. For example, the AdWords content on Academy for Ads can help pave the way for the AdWords Certification program offered via Google Partners, or for the Google Best Practices program, which offers intermediate-to-advanced optimization tips.

    We’ve built our training content for a fast-paced, mobile-first audience, with snackable courses that are organized into Learning paths. From a Learning path, you can take an Assessment, then earn an Achievement when you pass. It's important to note that Academy for Ads Achievements aren't connected to certification.

    Google Partners is the one stop shop for agencies and digital professionals, and has a focus on certification. The AdWords courses in Academy for Ads are relevant for agency employees working on their AdWords certification.

    Google Best Practices is where you can find Google's official advice on intermediate and advanced AdWords optimizations. The AdWords courses in Academy for Ads can help prepare you for learning these more intermediate and advanced topics.

  • What products and topics does Academy for Ads cover?

    Academy for Ads covers the full range of Google Ads, ranging from AdWords Search, Display, and Shopping, to DoubleClick products such as DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Bid Manager, and Ad Exchange. What's more, Academy for Ads offers training on digital advertising concepts. Learn what you need to know about Google's advertising solutions to be more successful online. Want a glimpse into our curriculum? Check out our Help Center.

  • It seems like you're launching with basic training concepts. What else can I expect?

    Some of the first courses we’re adding to Academy for Ads cover core advertising concepts, Google AdWords, Programmatic buying, and DoubleClick. You can expect to see more product and solution-focused training become available in the coming weeks and months. If you have feedback, tell us what you think.

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